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Antwerp is a beer lover's destination. The street side bars, pubs and the avenues lined by new hot and happening pubs always get crowded by the youngsters. Dancing, drinking and merry making is the main menu in most of these nightspots.

  • Café Beveren

Highlight: "brown cafés" (street side bar)

Address: Café Beveren, Vlasmarkt 2, B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2312 255

For more information, Visit Café Beveren

  • Café d'Anvers

Highlight: located in the red light district of Antwerp. Famous for it’s international DJ’s and theme nights.

Address: 15 Versersrui, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2263 870

For more information, Visit Café d'Anvers

  • Den Hopsack

Highlight: Frequented by creative people like poets, artists and musicians. Famous for its jazz evenings and Belgian beer.

Address: 24 Grote Pieter Potstraat, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Den Engel

Highlight: old style café serving Belgian beer and snacks

Address: Grote Markt 3, Antwerp, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2331 252

  • De Pelgrom

Highlight: situated in a 16th century cellar decorated in a typical medieval style. Known for traditional Belgian drinks.

Address: Pelgrimsstraat 15 B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2340 809

  • De Vagant

Highlight: Go for the Belgian gin, i.e. ‘jenever’ at this bar. More than 250 varieties of jenever ready to be poured.

Address: 25 Reyndersstraat, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2331 538

  • Het Elfde Gebod

Highlight: tavern offering 30 types of beers under one roof decorated by 500 masterpieces of relics and arts.

Address: 10 Torfbrug, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2893 465

  • Kulminator

Highlight: known in Antwerp as the city’s best beer café. About 600 different types of beer’s available ranging from tap beer to bottle beer. Food choices are limited to snacks, sausages and sandwiches.

Address: 32–34 Vleminckveld, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2324 538

  • Petrol

Highlight: a large dance club that can accommodate 800 party goers. Designed in a funky manner in a warehouse painted with black paint with add-ons of a stage, dance floor and a bar. The DJ there plays all kinds of hip-hop electro, rock, soul and techno music.

Address: 21 d'Herbouvillekaai, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2264 963

For more information, Visit Petrol Club

  • Velvet Lounge

Highlight: Velvet Lounge is a restaurant cum bar with an after dinner club expresses it’s interiors through velvet seating, chandelier and candlelight. Food served is fusion while music played is lounge.

Address: 6 Luikstraat, Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2373 978

  • De Blokhut

Highlight: This is the best nightclub if you want to live all night long. This club is the favoured hub for most of the young tourists and locals who just want to have a great time. DJ’s here scratch the latest music playing on the international scene.

Address: Lange Herentalsestraat 6, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel.: +32 3 2269 079