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Antwerp is a major sea port and the capital of the Flanders province situated in the northernmost region of Belgium. It is bordered by Netherlands on the north and France on the south.

The municipality is situated on the banks of the river Scheldt about 88 km from the North Sea. In prior time, the city was mainly located on the right bank of the river on an alluvial plain. But since the start of the 21st century, it started expanding on the left side of river. Takeover of the villages on the right side of the river between 1929 and 1958 and addition of surrounding municipalities in 1983 has lead to expansion of Antwerp, both area and population wise. Today’s modern Antwerp measures 195 km² and only a part of the whole region has fully developed. Annexation continues even today resulting in rise of population over the years.

The encircling belt of the fortification wall has now been transformed into a network of national and international highways. Numerous tunnels connect the left bank of the city with the right bank but the city centre still remains on the right bank. The main domain of the city is the non residential seaport area. The city is expanding with annexation of many villages and municipalities to make room for docks, industrial areas and railway yards.

The citizens of Antwerp speak the Belgian version of Dutch, known as Flams. Other than the Dutch residents, other major cultures that form the city are the Moroccans, Spanish, French and Germans. The Moroccans and Spanish workers are those who migrated to Belgium during World War II and are mostly unskilled labourers.

Roman Catholicism is the main religion dominant in Antwerp along with small number of Protestant and Judaism followers. Most of today’s population is non religious.


The climate of Antwerp is mostly nautical due to its location near the sea and therefore very mild. Even during the tourist season of summer, rain clouds hover around and precipitation is high, not withstanding which season it is.

July and August are the warmest months along with the twist of highest rainfall during these months. But, precipitation levels are evenly distributed throughout the year. The most pleasant weather is during the months of May and August, although April and September are also sunny enough. The average daily temperature in Antwerp is 3°C(37.4°F) in winter and 25°C(77°F) in summer which forms a decent weather.

Average temperature per month in Antwerp: