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Belgians celebrate their festivals with lots of fun, food and dance. If you are in a Belgian town/city you will get a chance to enjoy the celebration of events or festivals for sure.

Antwerp Summer Festival (Zomer van Antwerpen)

During the Antwerp Summer Festival held every June to August, various production houses stage their performances, movies, plays, dance shows, and musical concerts. It is a treat for the spectators as they listen to world-famous music concerts and watch movies in an outdoor environment with the Scheldt River serving as a backdrop.

Eurantica Antwerp Antiques Festival

Exhibitors from all around Europe gather together at the Eurantica Antwerp Antiques Fair, displaying various antique furniture, jewellery, paintings and artefacts. The judges at the fair ensure that the exhibits displayed are of high quality and genuine.
Address: Bouwcentrum, Antwerp, Belgium

Winterfoor Funfair

Especially for the kids, spending time at the Winterfoor Funfair will be the most thrilling and enjoyable experience of a lifetime. Various rides, swings, circus acts, food stalls serving delicious snacks make the festival worth a visit for the whole family. It is held every year during December and January.

Jazz Middelheim

The Jazz Middelheim is held every year in August to promote jazz music to a broader audience. Several well-known bands participate in this music festival.

Beer Passion Festivals

Flander's region produces the most authentic and traditional malts, hops and barley in Belgium. Various stalls and tents are spread across Antwerp's Groenplaats, selling over 150 types of different beers.

Laus Polyphoniae Festival

The festival is held during August and September. The festival, through its programs, tries to portray the progress of French music from the early era till the 1600s. Along with music concerts, other activities like discussions, classes in music, lectures and a contest searching for musical talent occur.

Sfinks World Music Festival

The Sfinks World Music Festival is a Belgian music festival celebrating world music. Annually, it is held in the last week of July. Along with the lovely sound of music, there are various tents selling food titbits and drinks. It is a genuinely multicultural atmosphere as different bands from various countries participate in the festival.