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Antwerp is a major economic centre in Belgium, and its economy mainly relies on its port, diamond trade and chemical industry. The seaport of Antwerp is the seventh-largest in the world and second-largest in Europe, behind Rotterdam.

Antwerp's dockland comprises five oil refineries that have led to a substantial focus on petrochemical industries in the city. With four nuclear plants at Doel, power generation is also an important industry in Antwerp.

The other primary industry of Antwerp is its diamond trade. It has four diamond bourses, of which one is for boart and the other three for polished, ready to export gems. Although Jewish traders are dominant in the diamond industry, Indian and Armenian traders are also becoming increasingly influential in recent times. The World Diamond Centre in Antwerp plays an essential role in setting principles for professional ethics and promoting Antwerp as the world's diamond capital.

The chemical industry in Antwerp is also significant, with the second-largest plant of BASF based in the city, with the first being in Belgium. This industry accounts for 2% of Belgium's exports.