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Watching a cinema forms an integral part of an Antwerpen citizen. Most of the cinema halls are multiplex and play international English movies along with regional ones. Kinepolis and UGC rule the cinema business in Antwerp and along with a good movie, the package of a restaurant, snack centre and cafe is offered at the venue.

Metropolis Kinepolis / Antwerpen
Address: Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

UGC Cinemas
: Van Ertbornstraat 17, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Cinema Lumière – Antwerpen
Address: Lakenstraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

De Cinema
Address: Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium


Antwerp is very famous around the world for its performing arts, classical music, opera’s, dance plays, theatre performances and ballets. There are several organizations and theatres that arrange both international and national concerts and some of them are mentioned below.

AMUZ (Festival van Vlaanderen - Antwerpen)
Address: Kammenstraat 81, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Bourla Theatre
Address: Komedieplaats 18, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

: Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Address: Arenbergstraat 28, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Address: Waalsekaai 14, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Froe Froe
Address: Namenstraat 7, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Opera Antwerpen
Address: Frankrijklei 1, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium